Memoirs of the Sistahood
Memoirs of the Sistahood

Working on Memoirs


New Orleans Jazz Festival - Becky and Babette attended in May 2011 to scout out the band Feufollet, a Cajun band from Lafayette, Louisiana. They are seeking permission from the band to use their music in Memoirs.



Becky at Jazz Fest doing research.



Babette at the Fais Do Do Stage at the Jazz Fest waiting for Feufollet to set-up.




Working at the University of Houston Melcher Dance Studio.



Sculpture pieces created by Babette for the performance.

She calls them "cradles."



Becky Beaullieu Valls

Houston, Texas


Babette Beaullieu

New Orleans, Louisiana


Deborah Schildt

Anchorage, Alaska


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