Memoirs of the Sistahood
Memoirs of the Sistahood

Memoirs of the Sistahood

Memoirs of the Sistahood is a series of collaborative work between sisters, Becky Beaullieu Valls (dance choreographer) and Babette Beaullieu (sculptor), and filmmaker Deborah Schildt.
This first chapter focused on female archetypes and the six Beaullieu sisters: Beth, Becky, Babette, Bonnie, Bitsy, and Barbara. Based on their large Catholic family, the series fused their individual art work with childhood "sense memories" of family, home, and religion.

Chapter Two premiered in October of 2009 and focused on the "house". It involved memories of a large chaotic household, a global glance of how we dwell, the "stuff" we possess, and what we value.


Chapter Three premieres in Houston November 17, 18, 19 of 2011 at DiverseWorks. "The sisters weave  humorus and poignant tales of their Catholic youth as they remember "Mama" in this chapter.




Becky Beaullieu Valls

Houston, Texas


Babette Beaullieu

New Orleans, Louisiana


Deborah Schildt

Anchorage, Alaska


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